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Silent landscape, gorgeous mountains, unique panorama, healthy and energizing mountain air, country kitchen from the backyard garden ... Spend unforgettable moments and relax away from mass tourism in our small Alpine village in the heart of the Slovenian Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps.

Let yourself be seduced by the silence and the fascination of the Slovenian Karavanke mountains and Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps which project up to 2,558 m above the see level and enjoy the freedom, peace and tranquility of pure nature starting from the organic farm Makek. Just one step from our door your adventure begins. Hiking guides, maps, as well as a few hot tips are collected for you in the foyer.

Whether scented and cheerful spring with blooming Alpine flora and lively birds singing, warm and pleasant summer, relaxing, colourful autumn with ripe fruits and vegetables from our garden, or winter snow-wild and celestial fascination with night walks under the clear sky with thousands of stars and delicious dinner in Makek's warm parlour - hiking in our nature makes fun in every season.

Our unique location offers a simple access to the natural features of our valley. Just a stone's throw away there is the highest Slovenian glacial waterfall Cedca. You will experience the magnificence and beauty of the white limestone Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps on your daily hiking trips. On the other side of the village, to the west, the Karavanke mountains are stretching. Here you can find the oldest sedimentary rocks of Slovenia, with an age of 395 million years. By contrast, you can observe the tuff stone with impressions of leaves and plants in it, as the youngest rock, in its formation even today.

Amidst all this beauty, as if voluntarily caught, lies our village Jezersko with its old farms, pastures, a small lake and the mineral water source that is rich in magnesium and, as they say, has helped so many villagers to their firm health.

The Slovenes are a hospitable people. So our villagers are happy to be useful by helping you find the right path or giving you information you have been searching for, if they only have enough time and speak your native language. But do not worry, at our farm you will get our personal advice, the guides and maps to facilitate your stay and to reach your chosen summit. You bet, your hiking holiday in Jezersko will certainly make fun!

Around the farmhouse there are many hiking possibilities, short or long ones, mountaineering hikes or climbing tours. For reaching chosen destination by your own, our mountain trails are well marked. For more adventure, however , you can rent a local professional tour guide.

Let us propose a few shorter hiking trails in and around our village:

  • Old Church of St. Oswald from the 12th century (980), 30 min from Makek
  • Mineral water source with high magnesium content (900m), 50 min from Makek
  • Planšarsko jezero lake - ice skating and fishing possibility (900m), 50 min from Makek
  • Čedca waterfall (1350m), 50 min from Makek
  • Štularjeva planina (1270m) meadow, 1 hour 15 minutes from Makek
  • Jenkova planina (1495m) meadow, 1 hr 30 mins from Ravenska Kočna
  • Ovčja koča (1300 m) meadow, 2 hr 15 min from Makek
  • Povšnarjeva planina (1340m) meadow, 2 h 40 min from Makek
  • Tuff quarry (992m), 1 h of Spodnje Jezersko
  • Spring of the Kokra river (825m), 1 hour from Spodnje Jezersko


Some mountain tours in the Karavanke mountains and Kamniško Savinjske Alps:

  • Češka koča (the Czech hut) (1802 m), 2 hours from Makek
  • Kranjska Koča on Ledine (hut) (1700 m), 1 hr 45 mins from Ravenska Kočna
  • Vratca (1802 m), 3 hrs from Makek
  • Veliki vrh (1742 m), 4 hrs 20 min from Makek
  • Virnikov Grintavec (1654 m), 2 hrs 45 mins from Makek passing Žmitek
  • Žmitkov Špic (1124 m), 2 hrs 45 mins from Makek passing Žmitek
  • Jezerska Kočna (2540 m), 4 hrs 45 mins from Makek
  • Kokrska Kočna (2520 m), 4 hrs 45 mins from Makek
  • Velika Baba (2127 m), 3 hrs 30 min from Ravenska Ravenska Kočna
  • Jezersko saddle (2036 m), 1 hr 30 mins from Jezerski vrh
  • Goli Vrh (1787 m), 2 hrs 15 minutes from Ravenska Kočna
  • Pristovški Storžič (1759 m), 1 hr 30 mins from Jezerski vrh
  • Belska Kočna (2110 m), 4 hrs 15 min from Bela Bela
  • Skuta (2532 m), 5 hours 30 minutes from Ravenska Kočna
  • Dolgi hrbet (2473 m), 4 hrs 45 mins from Ravenska Kočna
  • Ledinski vrh (2108 m), 3 hours from Ravenska Kočna
  • Kranjska Rinka (2453 m), 4 hrs 20 min from Ravenska Kočna


Hiking in the neighbourhood (30 min to 1 hour by car):

  • Mali Grintovec (1813 m), 4 hours from the village Mače
  • Planina Kališče (1450 m), 2 hours 15 minutes from Mače
  • Cjanovca (1820 m), 3 hrs 30 min from Mače
  • Planina Dolga njiva (1600 m), 2 hrs 45 mins from Mače
  • Srednji vrh (1853 m), 3 hrs 30 min from Mače
  • Dom na Kališču (1534 m), 2 hrs 30 min from Mače
  • Storžič (2132 m), 4 hours from Mače
  • Zgornji plot - Triangel (1528 m), 1 hour 50 mins from Zelenica in Podljubelj - the Karavanke mountains
  • Šilja (1528 m), 1 hour 45 mins from Matizovec (farmstead) in Podljubelj - the Karavanke mountains
  • Kofce (1967 m), 2 hours 15 minutes from Matizovec in Podljubelj - the Karavanke mountains
  • Veliko Kladivo (2036 m), 2 hours 45 mins from Matizovec in Podljubelj - the Karavanke mountains
  • Veliki vrh (Košuta) (2088 m), 3 hours from Matizovec in Podljubelj - the Karavanke mountains
  • Pod Krnico - Mala Košuta (1740 m), 1 hour 15 minutes from the pod Krnico in Medvodje - the Karavanke mountains
  • Dom na Okrešlju (1396 m), 1 hour 15 minutes from Koča pod Slapom Rinka - Solčava
  • Brana (1528 m), 1 hr 45 mins from Matizovec in Podljubelj - the Karavanke mountains
  • Rzenik (1833 m), 1 h 40 min from the Planina Dol

Feel the air, touch the stone, smell the plants, taste the spring water, struggle from the bottom of the valley and experience that deep feeling of satisfaction when reaching the summit of the mountain and being rewarded with its fantastic views!

You can discover our valley also on a bicycle which you can get on our farm allready from EUR 7,00 a day.

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